Office of the Washington State Climatologist

Raw Data

  • NCEI Climate Data Access Tools: Obtain archived hourly, daily, and monthly weather observations for all NOAA and NWS related weather stations in the U.S. Another NCEI link with a different listing format.
  • MRCC’s Application Tool Environment: Access hourly, daily, monthly, and seasonal raw climate data, as well as rankings, thresholds, and graphics by registering (free) for cli-MATE. This is a powerful and easy-to-use application that we highly recommend.
  • Comparative Data for Western States: compare various climate averages at 200+ locations around Washington from WRCC.
  • Archived NW Surface Observations: weather records for a day of your choosing from UW.
  • U.S. Climate Normals: Download 1981-2010 climate normals of temp, precip, freeze/frost, and more from over 200+ locations in Washington, from NCEI. Or view the daily or monthly 1981-2010 climate normals from Golden Gate Weather Services.
  • Graphical WA Climate Normals: an interactive map displaying 1981-2010 climate normal precipitation, maximum temperature, and minimum temperature for COOP and ASOS sites around Washington.
  • Summaries of recent data (daily for last 2 months, monthly for the last 12 months) for several cities in each of the 4 National Weather Service forecast offices that cover the state: Seattle, SpokanePortland, and Pendleton. (Be sure to also view the NOWData tab).
  • National Diurnal Climatology: Climatology tables of hourly average temp, precip, dewpoint, wind, and sky cover by month for 5 Washington locations.


Guide to abbreviations, with links

AASC: American Association of State Climatologists
ASOS: Automated Surface Observing System
ESRL: Earth System Research Laboratory
COOP: Cooperative Observer Program
CPC: Climate Prediction Center
MRCC: Midwestern Regional Climate Center
NCEI: National Centers for Environmental Information
NDMC: National Drought Mitigation Center
NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NWS: National Weather Service
OCS: Oregon Climate Service
OSU: Oregon State University
WRCC: Western Regional Climate Center
UW: University of Washington

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