Office of the Washington State Climatologist

Color Maps of Climate Data

(usually whole US)

  • PRISM Group: Maps of monthly, seasonal temp, precip, snow and more. Includes past, present, and 30-year normals maps, from OSU.
  • Climate Mapper: Maps of recent temperature, precipitation, soil moisture, snow water equivalent, and potential evapotranspiration anomalies as well as seasonal forecasts and long term climate projections.
  • US Climate Division Mapping: Map various monthly temp and precip statistics by climate division, from ESRL.
  • Climate Anomaly Maps & Tables: of temp, precip, and extremes for various periods over the last three years from WRCC.
  • U.S. Drought Monitor: a weekly map synthesis of various drought indicators to categorize drought from the NDMC.
  • Glacier Atlas of Mt. Rainier: Interactive atlas with information on glaciers, temp, and precip.
  • Glaciers of the American West: Information on glaciers around the western U.S. Includes data, maps, and pictures.
  • PSD Interactive Plotting and Analysis Pages: Plot a variety of atmospheric variables including temperature, precipitation, sea-level pressure, sea-surface temperatures, and more. Plots can be generated for determining correlations with ENSO, for weather analysis, and climate anomalies on global and regional scales.
  • Current Western Snowpack: View the current snow water equivalent percent of normal map for the western United States from WRCC. An interactive map is also available.
  • U.S. Freeze/Frost Maps: Frost/Freeze climatology maps from MRCC.
  • Climate Maps of the U.S.: Seasonal and annual maps of temp, precip, sky cover, frost, and more from NCEI.
  • Canadian Anomaly Maps: Maps of temperature, precipitation, and snowfall values and anomalies for all of Canada from the Canadian Meteorological Centre. Another Canadian site has more temperature, precipitation, and growing degree day maps for the Agroclimate areas.


Guide to abbreviations, with links

AASC: American Association of State Climatologists
ASOS: Automated Surface Observing System
ESRL: Earth System Research Laboratory
COOP: Cooperative Observer Program
CPC: Climate Prediction Center
MRCC: Midwestern Regional Climate Center
NCEI: National Centers for Environmental Information
NDMC: National Drought Mitigation Center
NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NWS: National Weather Service
OCS: Oregon Climate Service
OSU: Oregon State University
WRCC: Western Regional Climate Center
UW: University of Washington

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