Office of the Washington State Climatologist

Line Graphs of Long-term Averages & Recent data

  • Daily Climate Graphs: long-term averages (1961-90) of daily temperature, precipitation, snowfall, and more for 15 cities around Washington from ESRL.
  • Recent temperature and precipitation data compared with compared to normal over the last 30, 90, or 365 days at 4 Washington locations from CPC.
  • Daily temperature and precipitation plots for stations within the Seattle, Spokane, Portland, and Pendleton NWS office areas since 2000.
  • Mountain Snow: snow water equivalent, temperature, precipitation at 60 locations in the Cascades and Olympic mountains.
  • Mountain Snow Depth Plotting: create plots of seasonal and monthly snow depth for 11 sites in WA and OR.
  • Create Custom NW Plots: interactively plot daily data from the last 10 years of temperature, precipitation, and much more for 22 Washington locations from UW.
  • NW Climate Toolbox Climate Tracker: Plot temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, solar radiation, and more from 1979-present for PNW gridpoints from the gridMET dataset.
  • Ranking and trends in statewide, regional, and divisional average temperature and precipitation from NCEI.
  • NW Temperature, Precipitation, and SWE Trend Analysis: An updated Tableau-based interface to plot stations represented by circles, which are color coded based on statistical significance and direction of the trend. Adjust time period and season and click on a station/stations to view the corresponding graph.
  • National Diurnal Climatology: Monthly graphs of hourly average temp, precip, dewpoint, wind, and sky cover for 5 Washington locations.
  • WRCC Climate Division Plotting: Create time series plots of monthly precipitation and temperature by climate division.
  • Station Time Series and Climatology: Create time series plots of daily, weekly, and monthly temperature and precipitation from 1950-1999 for various stations around Washington.
  • WestMap Monthly Time Series: Plot statewide, county, climate division, or gridpoint monthly temperature and precipitation time series using PRISM data on this WestMap tool.
  • WestWide Drought Tracker: A variation on the link above, this utility allows the user to examine monthly time series of temperature, precipitation, or various drought indices for a specific latitude and longitude nationwide using PRISM data.
  • Freezing Level Tracker: Plot estimated monthly time series of the height of the freezing level and the percentage of precipitation that fell as snow for any location across the US based on the NCEP/NCAR Global Reanalysis (since 1948).


Guide to abbreviations, with links

AASC: American Association of State Climatologists
ASOS: Automated Surface Observing System
ESRL: Earth System Research Laboratory
COOP: Cooperative Observer Program
CPC: Climate Prediction Center
MRCC: Midwestern Regional Climate Center
NCEI: National Centers for Environmental Information
NDMC: National Drought Mitigation Center
NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association
NWS: National Weather Service
OCS: Oregon Climate Service
OSU: Oregon State University
WRCC: Western Regional Climate Center
UW: University of Washington

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