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General Description

The following are links to many of the talks that I have given at scientific conferences, seminars and as an invited speaker. Focus is on Pacific Northwest windstorms and wind-tree interactions. There is overlap in the subject matter of many of these talks. However, even when the similarity is great, each presentation has at least a little something that is new.

All presentations are in PDF format. File sizes vary and are noted in the table below. If you have any questions about the material, feel free to contact me: my e-mail address listed at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

The Presentations

# Title Venue Year Size (Mb)
1 Did Antecedent Hot and Dry Weather Contribute to An Unusual Level of Tree Damage During the 29 Aug 2015 Windstorm? Pacific Northwest Weather Workshop 2016 12.6
2 A Rare Summer Windstorm on 29 August 2015 Oregon AMS
Fall-Winter Forecast Conference
2015 12.0

The Climatology and Meteorology of Windstorms That Affect Southwest British Columbia, Canada, and Associated Tree-Related Damage to the Power Distribution Grid

Dissertation Defense UBC 2015 36.0
4 Historical Linkages Between Pacific Climate and the Impacts of West Coast Storms Climate Change and Extreme Events Workshop 2015 9.3
5 Tree-Related Line Faults On the Power Distribution Grid During Windstorms That Affect Southwest British Columbia, Canada CMOS Annual Congress 2015 7.8
6 Preliminary Climatological Analysis of the 11 Dec 2014 Classic Windstorm Oregon AMS
(Mark Nelsen presented)
2015 2.5
7 Seasonal Effects on the Frequency of Tree and Branch Failures in the Lower Mainland of Britsh Columbia, Canada Pacific Northwest Weather Workshop 2015 16.3
8 Detailed Examination of Two Southwest British Columbia Windstorms R. Stull Group Seminar UBC 2014 77.3
9 A Climatology of High-Wind Storms that Affect the Lower Mainland and GreaterVictoria, British Columbia, Canada (The Short Version) Western Canada Weather Workshop 2014 61.8
10 A Climatology of High-Wind Storms that Affect the Lower Mainland and Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (The Long Version) Pacific Northwest Weather Workshop 2014 80.8
11 The 2006 Hanukkah Eve Storm and Associated Civil Infrastructure Damage in the Cascadia Region of the United States and Canada 12th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering 2013 70.8
12 Detailed examination of 2-dimensional surface pressure gradients over Northwest Oregon for significant windstorms 1945-2012, with a focus on the 1962 Columbus Day Storm Pacific Northwest Weather Workshop 2013 29.2
13 A Climatological Perspective of the 1962 Columbus Day Storm Columbus Day Storm 50th Anneversary Commemoration (Oregon AMS and UW Atmospheric Sciences) 2012 53.9
14 The Christmas Day Storm of 2011 in Western Washington and Southwest British Columbia Pacific Northwest Weather Workshop 2012 4.6
15 Diminished windstorm frequency in southwest British Columbia: A possible association with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) regime shift of 1976-77 Oregon AMS
Fall-Winter Forecast Conference
2011 9.6
16 Diminished windstorm frequency in southwest British Columbia and a possible association with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation regime (PDO) shift of 1976-77: Using atmospheric pressure as a proxy to support observed trends in extreme winds CMOS Annual Congress 2011 2.6
17 The Wind-Speed Dose-Response of Tree-Falls Impacting the Transmission Grid of Southwest British Columbia Western Canada Weather Workshop 2010 5.6

Diminished Windstorm Frequency in Southwest British Columbia and a Possible Association With the Pacific Decadal Oscillation Regime Shift of 1976-77

CMOS Annual Congress 2009 3.2
19 The High-Wind Climatology of Vancouver and Abbotsford (British Columbia, Canada) CMOS Annual Congress 2008 9.7
20 A Climatological Examination of the 02-03 Dec 2007 “Great Coastal Gale” UBC Seminar 2008 6.4

A special class of intense Pacific-Northwest windstorm generated by extratropical cyclones in the explosive development phase at landfall

Pacific Northwest Weather Workshop 2006 2.3
22 A Climatology of Windstorms in the Western Pacific Northwest, 1948-2004 Puget Sound Georgia Basin Conference 2005 3.9
23 Oregon Windstorms and Trees (With Focus on the Columbus Day Storm) Society of American Foresters Oregon Chapter 2005 6.0


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